Relevant Preaching in The Church

Johnson T. K. Lim


Today, the people who come to church already do not like and  do not expect to hear the sermon. Church spends more time for praises and various social activities. The phenomenon that occurs today, that most of the church did not like the sermon, because the sermon was irrelevant, shallow, predictable, boring and bland. Preaching has been called ‘the art of talking in someone else’s sleep. The facts show that the decline in the congregational understanding of biblical teaching is due to the reluctance to hear the sermon. Research by using a qualitative descriptive approach, trying to find what kind of sermons that are still relevant in the church today. Qualitative research is used to explain the facts or circumstances and views about what preaching is still relevant, through the discussion of the literature. The pastors, lay leaders and church activists involved in the sermon should be concerned about what is being preached, what to do about it and what the sermon say to the church.


preaching; relevant; church; sermon; concerned

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